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Paul – The Sketching Robot


Artist and engineer Patrick Tresset investigates human artistic activity, computational creativity and our relation to machines, in particular our relations with robotic entities. In the context of his art practice, Patrick uses  an automated sketch-bot, called Paul, that turns visual data into ‘hand drawn’ pen sketches. Paul uses facial recognition technology to isolate a visitor’s visage, then reproduce it in ink as a carefully calculated line drawing.
Tresset presents theatrical installations in which robotic agents are actors, these installations are often evocations of humanness. These systems are influenced by research into human behaviour, more specifically how human artists depict other humans, how humans perceive artworks and how humans relate to robots.
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The Smog Free Tower : world’s largest air-purifier


Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde worked with scientist Bob Ursem and European Nano Solutions to create the Smog Free Tower. After launching a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund what he describes as “the largest air-purifier in the world”, the Smog Free Tower has been installed in Rotterdam.

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The Virtual Autopsy Table

The Norrkoping VIsualization Center and Center for Medical Image Science & Visualization (CMIV) have collaborated on a new product called the “Virtual Autopsy Table”, allowing interactive visualization and manipulation of Dual Energy Computed Tomography and MRI datasets.
Visitors control the autopsy table presentation on a small satellite screen attached to the table. Each step of the medical examiner’s procedure is outlined, from the external exam to opening the body and organ dissection. As a medical examiner explains the examination process, tools, technologies, and techniques are introduced and the life-size projected body is dissected before the audience surrounding the table. The 3-D visualizations were made possible through the use of the data in the Visible Human Project.

The Virtual Autopsy Table from NorrköpingsVisualiseringscenter on Vimeo.