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Ethereal Wire Mesh Architectural Sculpture by Edoardo Tresoldi


Sculptor, painter and stage designer, Edoardo Tresoldi is known for crafting stunning sculptures with sheets of wire mesh. Incipit, an architecturally-inspired work, features gigantic arched passageways and a series of floating birds which are affixed within the piece. The towering installation  appeared at the Meeting del Mare 2015 in Camerota, Italy.

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Fantastical Animal Sculptures made from trash


Street artist Bordalo II uses old tires, damaged bumpers, entire vehicles and other scraps of painted found trash to form impressive animal sculptures and places them  in public locations.  It is not only a way to recycle, but also a critique of the world we live in, where we often have nice things, which are based on junk without realizing it.

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The Unusual Ceramics of Johnson Tsang


Hong Kong-based sculptor Johnson Tsang is specializing in ceramics, stainless steel sculpture and public art work. Tsang’s works mostly employ realist sculptural techniques accompanied by surrealist imagination, integrating the two elements, “human beings” and “objects”, into creative themes. Since 1993, Tsang’s works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Spain and Switzerland and collected by local and overseas museums and collectors.

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Liquid resin sculptures by Annalu


Venice-based artist Annaluigia Boeretto (aka Annalù) works primarily with resin and the major focus of her works is on the theme of water, primeval central element of life. In the works of the artist there is a sense of metamorphosis, in pas­sing, of evolution as a sort of journey between different states, between different realities, a spirit of inquiry that shares some typical aspects of the science of alchemy.
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Life-size Animal Sculptures made of rolled-up Newspaper


Japanese artist Chie Hitotsuyama began as an illustrator, however, childhood memories of her family’s historic paper factory led her to find joy in utilizing unwanted paper as her medium.  Her work includes  realistic animals and marine life sculptures created using recycled newspaper. Hitotsuyama uses old discarded newspapers to make paper strings out of them, just as the old wooden thawing machines did in her grandfather’s factory, but instead, she uses her hands.

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Georges Saulterre amazing sculptures


Saulterre’s work includes clay, bronze, cement, ceramic and other materials sculptures.   In his works only part of the message he aims to convey is reflected because he likes to surround himself with mystery … he likes to do what others have not dared to do. Many of his sculptures  upset the laws of balance.

photos © saulterre inpi adagp See more

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