Surreal Collages By SLip

At the crossroads of worlds

SLip is a french artist working primarily on collage. Through his collages, he transports us into an imaginary world in which animals go to work, tyrants discover a difficult adolescence, femmes fatales have problems with makeup. This shifted vision of the universe in which we live put his focus on parts left behind by history and daily revisited becomes the breeding ground for his imagination.
Currently, SLip’s wallet for Paperwallet featuring Leon Grellutch, the first Bengian astronaut,  is displayed at the Guggenheim Museum store in New York.


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Surreal Photomontages by Leslie Hall Brown

leslie-Hall-brown-photographt-5Moon Shadows

Leslie Hall Brown is a fine art photographer from the USA who creates photomontages, combining and merging images, to tell stories about imaginary situations. Her work is conceptually driven with a strong narrative feel.
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Natural Act – Collages for magnificent nature


Turkish artist Merve Ozaslan takes vintage black and white photographs, from people on the street to young ladies on the beach, and inserts pieces of colorful natural scenery in a clever and fun kind of way.

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Everyday Surrealism Photomontages


Richard Smith, a self-taught graphic artist with 20+ years of professional experience, incorporates assimilated photographic techniques and modern photomanipulation approaches into his hand-crafted compositions. Smith explores unexpected interrelationships between everyday images through surrealist photomontage. Working with elements from nature, pedestrian objects, specially-commissioned photos, and scenes from his travels and neighborhood, he fuses these components into ethereal yet cohesive views that transcend their origins.

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Surreal Digital Art by Ben Goossens


Ben Goossens worked for 35 years in his native Belgium as an ad agency art director. After retiring, Goossen’s turned to creating photo montages with a distinctive Surrealism style reminiscent of his fellow countryman, René Magritte.
Goossens’ images have received awards in a number of prestigious international photography competitions including Gold and Silver medals at the Trierenberg Super Circuit, the world’s largest annual photography salon. His composite photos are remarkable for their seamless yet painterly renderings of Surrealism dreamscapes.

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Nate’s Adventures: Photography by David Niles


Artist David Niles has taken his son’s interests and produced them in delightfully spectral, vintage style photos that illustrate a small boy’s place in his own imagination.

Artist statement:

These are photographs of my son, pictured in a world of fantasy and imagination. A world that children occupy a good deal of the time. They are my interpretation of his world.

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