Beautiful flowers encased in ice


0˚C is a collection of ice-art created by artist Tharien Smith and photographer Bruce Boyd.
Featuring unique photographs of flowers, fynbos and natural objects encapsulated in ice, this collaboration  defines an exciting new aesthetic. Beyond the palpable beauty of these images lies a fascination with the strange qualities of ice as a medium: it has the ability to perfectly preserve something, however fragile, while at the same time enhancing or distorting its appearance to the viewer.

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Glitch collages by Giacomo Carmagnola


Inspired by glitch art and writers like H.P. Lovecraft Giacomo Carmagnola uses photographs and figures from history with a good dose of Photoshop to create digital glitch art and surreal collages.

“I’m completely absorbed by glitch art. I’ve always been attracted to its aesthetics; I’m not talking about philosophy or higher concepts, but just its plain visual pleasure.” “I see these images as an alternative beauty. I find it extremely fascinating how the same image can change so much by keeping its original ‘skeleton’.”

All images © Giacomo Carmagnola
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The volcanoes of the Kuril islands

Volcano_KurilIslands_1Geothermal landscape and volcanic caldera, Kuril Islands, Sakhalin Oblast (source: Bing Wallpaper Archive)

The Kuril Islands form a volcanic island archipelago that stretches approximately 1,300 km northeast from Hokkaido, Japan, to Kamchatka, Russia. The 56 islands chain has around 100 volcanoes, some 40 of which are active.

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