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Photo collages of impossible houses by Matthias Jung

German-based graphic designer Matthias Jung creates montages of imaginative houses, a mix of architectural elements, photography and landscape imagery. He calls his creations ‘architectural short poems that aim to visualize another perspective on how we could see the world and live in it’.

You can find more of his works and prints on his website
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Surreal Photo Manipulations by Luisa Azevedo

Luisa Azevedo composes dream-like surreal images merging unexpected objects, figures and landscapes.
Luisa learned most of her Photoshop skills by herself, watching tutorials on Youtube. At the age of 17 she started doing commissioned projects.At the moment she is studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa) majoring in Multimedia Art.

More info: Luisa Azevedo, Instagram

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Magic landscapes of childhood – Alastair Magnaldo


Amazing surreal photography by French artist Alastair Magnaldo. With his  surrealist photomontages Magnaldo creates scenes in which children’s dreams come true.

See more photos here
All images ©  Alastair Magnaldo

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Eerie Surreal Photo-manipulations by Dariusz Klimczak

Polish photographer Dariusz Klimczak prefers monochromatic images to compose eerie dreamlike landscapes and unusual characters.

“I prefer square frames and black and white pictures but I don’t shun colors. In my photo-manipulative works I seek mood, joke, and universal symbols which can make the viewer contemplate or laugh.”

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Glitch collages by Giacomo Carmagnola


Inspired by glitch art and writers like H.P. Lovecraft Giacomo Carmagnola uses photographs and figures from history with a good dose of Photoshop to create digital glitch art and surreal collages.

“I’m completely absorbed by glitch art. I’ve always been attracted to its aesthetics; I’m not talking about philosophy or higher concepts, but just its plain visual pleasure.” “I see these images as an alternative beauty. I find it extremely fascinating how the same image can change so much by keeping its original ‘skeleton’.”

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Whimsical photo-manipulations by Anil Saxema


Digital artist Anil Saxena, from Munbai, started out doing conventional darkroom photo composition and retouching before moving these skills over to creator and then photoshop. Having moved to Mumbai to work as an illustrator he became interested in retouching as a way to utilize his eye for creating striking imagery. Drawing from his technical background in graphic design, CGI and his trained creative eye, Anil enjoys developing stunning imagery. He believes color grading is paramount.
More info: Behance

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