Hybrid animal paintings by Lisa Ericson

Lisa Ericson’s hyperrealistic paintings depict modern chimeras – fantastic creatures with parts from different animals – from fish combined with colorful coral to “mouserflies”.

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Crowd Cake oil paintings by Lu Chao


Lu Chao was born in Shenyang, China and lives and works in the U,K. The blending of Chinese and Western cultures, of the traditional and the contemporary, is predominant in all of his works.

Artist’s Statement

I like to watch and depict live crowds; this allows me to observe myself and my life from another angle. Each time I look at a crowd, I see that everyone is different, unique, and at the same time so small and identical. I love crowds, I fear them and I am curious about the life of each member. When I observe and depict them, I wish I were a spectator; however, I am one of them and I can never escape that fact. Our current environment is brimming with people’s desires, and through my art I try to capture this restless, helpless and confused mass of people. Sometimes, it is a bittersweet pill to swallow.

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Tree Bark Paintings by Wang Yue


Wang Yue, an innovative artist from Shijiazhuang, China, harnesses nature as a canvas for her art. Yue creates paintings of beautiful sceneries on the bare inner layer of tree barks as well as animals looking out from the tree trunks. Wang consulted with the Shijiangzhuang Bureau of Landscape and Forestry to ensure the paints wouldn’t harm the trees. It’s likely summer rains will fade and eventually wash away her artworks.

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Forest Monsters illustrated by Andy Kehoe


Mixed media artist Andy Kehoe‘s paintings have a fantastical, dark and detailed aesthetic that reminds us of the presence of shadows always lurking just beneath the surface. Even though these paintings feature a ton of otherworldly monsters, they still have a very friendly feeling as they lurk amid towering trees and shimmering skies.

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Portraits of Trees – Paintings by Pang Yun


Pang Yun’s works of oil on canvas inspire quiet reflection and a sense of resolute control with detailed and technically precise brushstrokes. Her latest series Portrait of Trees is inspired by the natural order and structure of trees with their upward-reaching illimitable branches that stand still and tranquil against surrounding storms. At once earthly, grounded, and spiritually transcendent, her style of painting offers a freedom from tension based on the power and serenity of the natural world. With an atmosphere akin to meditation, Pang Yun layers canvases with an abundance of repetitive yet expressive strokes.
Find her work at Art + Shanghai Gallery

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The Fine Art of Madeline von Foerster


To create her unusual paintings, Madeline von Foerster uses a five century-old mixed technique of oil and egg tempera, developed by the Flemish Renaissance Masters. Although linked stylistically to the past, her paintings are passionately relevant to the present, as such timely themes as deforestation and endangered species find expression in her work.

Artist Statement

Executed in the oil and egg tempera mische technique developed by the Flemish Masters, these paintings allude to Renaissance sources in both method and style. A strong influence from the School of Fontainebleau loans an aura of mystery and otherworldliness to the artworks.  The paintings often resemble Wunderkammern – Enlightenment era “cabinets of curiosities,” where the wonders of nature were collected and displayed. Surrealistic elements also often occur, though in the service of meaning and metaphor, rather than for oddity’s sake…

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Dreamlike Paintings by Shang ChengXiang


Shang ChengXiang‘s paintings are inspired and intrigued by his dreams.  He compares the illusionary quality of dreams to the evaporating quality of clouds and smoke,  therefore thick colored clouds often accompany his work.

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