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The ephemeral beauty of waves


Photographer Ray Collins captures captivating seascapes in Australia. Freezing the ephemeral relationship between water and light is what drives and inspires him to clamber out of bed in the dark each morning to celebrate the sun rising over the sea. His beautiful imagery, incorporating strong colour and monochromatic scenes, displays nature’s ever changing moods. He calls his shots “moody seascapes”.

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Tufa Towers


With the snow-draped Sierra Nevada as a backdrop, unique erosion formations called sand tufa stand like giant cauliflower stalks in a dry Arizona lake bed. Before this alkaline lake went dry, tufa formed when a freshwater spring percolated from below and formed calcium carbonate deposits. When the lake’s level dropped, these fragile formations surfaced, and wind went to work removing the sand beneath the deposits.
Credit © Larry Fellows, Arizona Geological Survey

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Landscape patterns – Photos by Thorsten Scheuermann

lava-1Born in Fire – Big Island of Hawaii

Eye-catching landscape photos by Thorsten Scheuermann.
Patterns appear everywhere in Nature, from desert sand dunes to lava flows, providing artists with inspiration since the beginning of time with fractals and other designs.

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Australian Coast Photography


Sydney based photographer Jerome Berbigier likes capturing wide spaces, dramatic landscapes and changing weather conditions. Photography is an extension of this fascination with the land and water. The camera captures the time he spends in unique places, living the moment and showing fractions of it through photographs.

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Ancient Trees Under the Night Sky


Beth Moons Diamond nights series were created during moonless nights with the Milky Way burning brightly in some of the images. This series was inspired by two fascinating, scientific studies that connect tree growth with celestial movement and astral cycles.

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pantanal-7Photo credit

Pantanal is one of the most spectacular wetland systems on earth. Lying south of the Amazon basin and east of the Andes, often referred to as the world’s largest freshwater wetland system. It extends through millions of hectares of central-western Brazil, eastern Bolivia and eastern Paraguay. With its extraordinarily concentrated and diverse flora and fauna, and a landscape spanning a variety of ecological sub-regions, Pantanal stands as one of the world’s great natural wonders.

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