3D Animal paintings by Iantha Naicker


Iantha Naicker, a talented illustrator from South Africa, creates cute paintings of animals. Sometimes she paints them onto her palms using a technique that makes them seem to stand out. And other times her characters, drawn on lined paper, seem like  they  don’t want to stay in lines or like they try  to leap off the page.

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Surreal digital creations by Christian Schloe


Christian Schloe is a talented Austrian artist whose work includes digital art, painting, illustration, and photography. His digital art prints have a vintage feel and look like they were painted on canvas.

All images are copyright © ChristianSchloe
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3D Calligraphy by Tolga Girgin


Electronic engineer and calligraphist Tolga Girgin creates stunning 3D anamorphic typography and lettering with the use of  calligraphy tools and pencil. Letters seem to leap off the page touched with shading and some 3D effects.
Images © Tolga Girgin

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Photorealistic pencil drawings by Tatsuya Erikawa


Tatsuya Erikawa’s pencil drawings, created in a photorealistic style, depict still lifes, absurd juxtaposition of objects that would typically not be together in a certain situation.
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Ehsan Mehrbakhsh’s subconscious leaks


Illustrator and animator Ehsan Mehrbakhsh began his studies at the Atelier of modern art “MAHA” in Iran . Then he moved to Italy, first to Rome and then to Milan, to get his specialization in graphic arts . He has participated as an illustrator and animator in many festivals and exhibitions such as CORTOONS 2012 ( international festival of animated shorts ), “extracontemporanea”, “week of Italian language in the world”. Also as an art director on various projects such as “Eurodynamics” – a multi cultural, multi-media European event for the “Life Long Learning Programme” of the E.U. He has created several animated videos including but not limited to, experimental, advertising, music videos, or insertions in movies, such as animated ads for the film: “il pezzo mancante” of Giovanni Piperno (winner of the “selezione” award at the Turin Film Festival 2010).
After a few years , Ehsan Mehrbakhsh delves into the world of digital art, creating a series of Digital Illustrations in this format. After testing several supports and materials for prints, he chooses the plexiglass printed with acrylic ink, which gives it a relief effect.

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