Mixed Art Illustrations by Tatiana Kazakova


Moscow based digital artist and illustrator Tatiana Kazakova mixes fishes, birds, flying saucers, mystical trees and flowers creating a whimsy effect with great details. Her illustrations are a mix of media, between painting and digital manipulation.

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Ink Drawings by Loui Jover

Ink_Drawings_Loui Jover

A selection of beautiful ink drawings by Loui Jover
See Loui Jover’s full portfolio here.

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Exploding Paintings by Hua Tunan

Exploding-Paintings-Hua Tunan

China-based painter and graffiti artist Hua Tunan combines traditional Chinese art principles with the contemporary culture to create beautiful color explosions on the canvas. Through this cultural merge Hua Tunan has developed a very unique and personal style.

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Surreal Illustrations by Igor Morski

Surreal-Illustrations-Igor Morski5

Graphic-artist and illustrator Igor Morski has created impressive surreal illustrations with a photo-real  approach. Really well-composed, surreal mastery.

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