Natural Fashion – Tribal decoration from Africa


In this stunning collection of photographs, photographer Hans Silvester celebrates the unique art of the Surma and Mursi tribes of the Omo Valley, on the borders of Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan. These nomadic people have no architecture or crafts with which to express their innate artistic sense. Instead, they use their bodies as canvases, painting their skin with pigments made from powdered volcanic rock and adorning themselves with materials obtained from the world around them—such as flowers, leaves, grasses, shells and animal horns.
The artist describes his immersion into the lives and tradition of these Ethiopian tribes as an effort to “save…as much as possible of this truly living art, which is mobile, changing, subject to infinite variation, and whose constituent elements…form a link between man and nature.” Through the memorialization of the vivid designs that adorn the faces and bodies of his subjects, Silvester strives to underscore “the beauty and purity of nature…taken out of context, so you’re reminded again how beautiful a seed pod, a mushroom or a flower is.”

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The World of the Senses by Huainan Li


Amazing set of fashion and creative make up photography by Huainan Li  featuring retro futuristic sunglasses.

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Underwater – Photography by Soon Tong


Singapore-based photographer Soon Tong is one of the lead photographers for Calibre Pictures and Ideas and specializes in aquatic and people photography. In these underwater photo shoots with beautiful couture gowns from Jessicacindy, he brilliantly utilizes water and light to give still images a sense of movement and energy.

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Fashion illustrations by Cristian Grossi


Italian fashion illustrator and fabric designer Cristian Grossi, loves working and experimenting with illustration techniques, textures patterns, abstract design, colours and their contrast with the organic patterns of nature.

Tropical Camou project
Mixed media: watercolor, collage, chinese ink, digital.

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Photography – Real-life Picasso women

Photography -Real-life-Picasso-women-5

Artist Eugenio Recuenco has recreated a few of Picasso’s classic looks for an inspired fashion photography series. The series Picasso was produced for theSpanish weekly SMODA, a supplement to EL PAÍS.

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Illustration + photo collaboration by Nithin Rao Kumblekar

Indian illustrator Nithin Rao Kumblekar combines photography with artistic illustration. These illustrations were created for an ad campaign by Ogilvy & Mather for ‘in store’ branding for Allen Solly clothing.

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