Mansion planters by PULL + PUSH

The design studio PULL AND PUSH in Kyoto, Japan has created these tiny buildings that serve as plant pots. The containers  made from cement, glass and brass  are so small that  fit in the palm of your hand.

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Intricate Illusion Drawings by Visothkakvei

Graphic designer Visothkakvei creates hyper-detailed optical illusion drawings playing with depths and textures.  kakvei  draws his nature-inspired designs mostly freehand. The artist sometimes digitally enhances his  doodles, making them  seem to lift right off the pages.

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Roll-out table by Marcus Voraa

Roll-Out Table designed by Marcus Voraa is beechwood crafted finished off with steel and canvas.The length of the table can be adjusted according to the amount you need by rotating the handle. A pair of sliding legs can be re-positioned to provide extra stability.

The Concept
In our home there is an open plan living-room and kitchen. The room is the heart of our apartment and it is where we gather round together with friends and family. After one too many trips to the cellar to fetch the extra table leaves I decided I wanted a table that was flexible and had everything in one place. When I received the internet-themed brief for the exhibition at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, that was when the idea for the roll-out table @ came together.

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Photo credits: Marcus Voraa
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Vintage Flower Light Bulbs

flower-light-bulbs-1Photo by Ruby Slipper Vintage

Aerolux Light Corporation was a prolific manufacturer of figural neon glow lights containing  flowers between the late 1930s and into the mid 1970s. Aerolux gas discharge light bulbs contained low pressure gas, either neon or argon, or a mixture of the two. Also within the bulb were metal sculptures coated with phosphors. These phosphors fluoresced when excited by glow discharge. Nowadays vintage Aerolux flower light bulbs can be found on sites like eBay and Etsy.
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