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Photographer Transforms Iconic Landmarks with Whimsical Paper Cutouts

Rich McCor (a.k.a. Paperboyo) was trying to find different ways of photographing iconic London landmarks when he came up with the idea. By combining photography with his paper-cutting skills he came up with the idea of turning Big Ben into a wristwatch. After that he started looking at the landmarks and architecture around him in a different way, and he kept on taking photos. Since starting the project, McCor has also taken photos in cities across the world.

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Playful typographical installations by Michael Pederson

Sydney-based street artist Michael Pederson places his humorous street art creations across parks, suburban streets, and industrial zones in Sydney. Pederson uses easily-removable materials and his clever signs generally last no longer than a month.
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The Tiny Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor

fairy-doors-ann-arbor-2Photo credit: bagaball/Flickr

The Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor are a series of tiny doors that are a type of installation art found in the city of Ann Arbor in the U.S. state of Michigan. The first public fairy door appeared outside Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea in 2005, installed by Jonathan B. Wright, a teacher of graphic design technologies. There are ten public Ann Arbor fairy doors, but the idea has also spread to other nearby towns.
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The Marriage – mixed media floral sculptures by Loh NoreenHui Miun


The marriage concept of  Loh NoreenHui Miun’s installation starts from the essence of a flower,
which is very intriguing to her. Through experiment and exploration, it translates to the birth of a new design outcome. For this project, she is creating new species of flowers fused from real and fake. That is the marriage.

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