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Bulgarian street artist, Vanyu Krastev, attaches googly eyes on objects he comes across in urban areas. Those plastic eyes add life to everything they’re put on. The aim is to humanize streets and just make people smile.

More info: Eyebombing (h/t: diply)

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Digital Collages by Catrin Welz-Stein

Graphic designer Catrin Welz-Stein draws inspiration from fantasy, children stories, medieval, Jugendstil, folklore and surrealism. Welz-Stein collects old images and illustrations and put them together in Photoshop to create her digital collages. The working process is based on combining and the division of photographs, with removing, filling and retouch.
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Human-Shaped Pool reflects the colors of the sky by Icy & Sot

“Nature’s Reflection”, installation by Icy & Sot in Tbilisi, Georgia, for the New Art-Villa Garikula Festival.The artists  created a pool of water shaped like a human silhouette, which reflects the  clouds, and colors of the sky.  A contemplative look on humans and their relationship with nature.

See more of Icy & Sot work on Instagram

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Matteo Mauro – Digital engravings rejuvenate great images of past aesthetics

Matteo Mauro’s works include techniques of digital engraving which produces paintings of fictional impressionist landscapes and traced and abstracted ‘capriccios’ prints.

Micromegalic Inscriptions are computational engravings of traced and abstracted capriccios. These digital creations, which lie in the realm of Generative Art, do not just reinterpret the mechanical processes of traditional engraving, but being reproducible infinite times and anywhere, exemplify the evolution of mass production practices and the inevitable symbiosis between the man and the machine. Thus, morphogenic spontaneity and mathematical constraints are processed by a software, to create new metaphors to enrich traditional paradigms.

Below a series of artworks that reinterpret Wilhelm Kolbe’s etching “I too was in Arcadia”.

More details on the project at http://matteomauro.com/works/micromegalic-inscriptions/

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Surreal Photo Manipulations by Luisa Azevedo

Luisa Azevedo composes dream-like surreal images merging unexpected objects, figures and landscapes.
Luisa learned most of her Photoshop skills by herself, watching tutorials on Youtube. At the age of 17 she started doing commissioned projects.At the moment she is studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa) majoring in Multimedia Art.

More info: Luisa Azevedo, Instagram

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Intricate Illusion Drawings by Visothkakvei

Graphic designer Visothkakvei creates hyper-detailed optical illusion drawings playing with depths and textures.  kakvei  draws his nature-inspired designs mostly freehand. The artist sometimes digitally enhances his  doodles, making them  seem to lift right off the pages.

Check out more works at Instagram.com/visothkakvei.

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Gala dinner: Salvador Dalí’s surrealist cookbook

The opulent dinner parties thrown by Salvador Dalí and his wife and muse, Gala were the stuff of legend. Dalí published a cookbook in 1973, Les diners de Gala, which reveals some of the sensual, imaginative, and exotic elements that made up their notorious gatherings. For the First time in over 40 Years Taschen has finally made this rare book available again. This reprint features all 136 recipes over 12 chapters, specially illustrated by Dalí, and organized by meal courses, including aphrodisiacs. The illustrations and recipes are accompanied by Dalí’s extravagant musings on subjects such as dinner conversation.
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