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Dreamy Digital Collages by Hüseyin Sahin

Beautiful digital photo collages of dreamlike places by Turkish art director and visual artist Hüseyin Şahin.
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The Tiny Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor

fairy-doors-ann-arbor-2Photo credit: bagaball/Flickr

The Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor are a series of tiny doors that are a type of installation art found in the city of Ann Arbor in the U.S. state of Michigan. The first public fairy door appeared outside Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea in 2005, installed by Jonathan B. Wright, a teacher of graphic design technologies. There are ten public Ann Arbor fairy doors, but the idea has also spread to other nearby towns.
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The Marriage – mixed media floral sculptures by Loh NoreenHui Miun


The marriage concept of  Loh NoreenHui Miun’s installation starts from the essence of a flower,
which is very intriguing to her. Through experiment and exploration, it translates to the birth of a new design outcome. For this project, she is creating new species of flowers fused from real and fake. That is the marriage.

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Fiery installation ablaze in the Swiss Alps by Douglas Gordon and Morgane Tschiember


Monumental land artwork by Douglas Gordon and Morgane Tschiember. ‘As close as you can for as long as it lasts’ uses fire, smoke and sound — a call and response between two artists — as a reference to the well-known history of yodeling in this particular area.
The large-scale, site-specific sculpture has been created in response to the landscape of Gstaad. Upon visiting the beautiful but terrifying mountain site, Douglas Gordon and Morgane Tschiember found beauty, fear, loneliness and a particular sense of melancholy. With these emotions in mind, the artists explored the idea of a lonely traveler who might seek companionship with another person in such a place, questioning whether this relationship is based on desire, fear or excitement of the unknown.
The fiery land art is on view as a part of Elevation 1049 through March 19, 2017.
All photos by Stefan Altenburger / courtesy of the artist and LUMA Foundation
(via Designboom)

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Playful illustrations by Antanas Gudonis


Helsinki-based illustrator Antanas Gudonis created this fantastic images here as part of a personal project.

My style is a mix really.. I like classical painters for the mood and colors. I like children book illustrators for characters which are funny. Also old etchings for level of detail. Basically I try to melt everything I like into one:)
-Antanas Gudonis

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Floral bouquet sculptures made of kitchen utensils by Ann Carrington


Sculptor Ann Carrington’s  Bouquets and Butterflies, an amazing series of flower bouquet sculptures made up of bunches of silver-plated cutlery.
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photos: Installations at The Royal College of Art 2016

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