Chihuahua Illustrations by Alfonso Muro

Illustrator Alfonso Muro created a set of memorial illustrations for his chihuahua puppy Poca – aka Tiny! See the puppy, the mother, the dad, the puppy driving the car, and even the kitties. It’s important to note the detail in the car. Made with pen, ink and watercolor.

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Spectacular Photography – not photoshopped

Great pictures that were taken at just the right moment or at the right angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference. Original pictures that look extremely unreal.

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Creative Recycled Sculptures by Sayaka Kajita Ganz

Japanese sculptor, Sayaka Kajita Ganz , who now resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana, makes her sculptures out of recycled materials. For her work she uses plastic bottles, toys and scrap metal.

I find discarded objects from peoples’ houses and give them a second life, a new home. For my sculptures I use plastic utensils, toys and metal pieces among other things. I only select objects that have been used and discarded. The human history behind these objects gives them life in my eyes.  My goal is for each object to transcend its origins by being integrated into an animal form that seems alive. This process of reclamation and regeneration is liberating to me as an artist.

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Brilliant Examples Of Photo Manipulation

With the advent of image editing applications Photo Manipulation has been flourishing beyond expectations. Here’s some impressive examples. All images can be found at Worth1000 .

Unripe Kitties

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Marilyn Monroe Inspired Stainless Steel Stiletto Heels

Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos’s ‘Marilyn’, a pair of giant stiletto heels made from stainless steel pans and lids inspired by the shoes worn by Marilyn Monroe in ‘The Seven Year Itch’, will be auctioned at Christie’s, in London. The artwork which measures 13ft by 9.8ft, will be offered with an estimate of £100,000 to £150,000. ‘Marilyn’ is part of the Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale which takes place on Thursday.

Steampunk Star Wars (Action figures & Illustrations)

Like This!

Sillof has created a complete series of Steampunk modified Star Wars action figures. An awesome attempt to redesign the Star Wars universe in an antiquated Victorian style.

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