Innovative Solar Powered Gadgets

Inkjet Printed Solar Cells
Massachusetts-based Konarka Technologies has developed and successfully demonstrated the ability to print solar cells with an inkjet printer. By using the inkjet printing process in the manufacturing of solar cells, the need for “clean rooms” is eliminated, and manufacturers can work with a number of different substrates, including plastics, and different colors.

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Chihuahua Illustrations by Alfonso Muro

Illustrator Alfonso Muro created a set of memorial illustrations for his chihuahua puppy Poca – aka Tiny! See the puppy, the mother, the dad, the puppy driving the car, and even the kitties. It’s important to note the detail in the car. Made with pen, ink and watercolor.

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Spectacular Photography – not photoshopped

Great pictures that were taken at just the right moment or at the right angle and approach to get the result that makes a difference. Original pictures that look extremely unreal.

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