Early 20th Century Hydrocycles


A water cycle is a bicycle-like watercraft that makes it possible for us move on water using our own legs. In the late 1890s this invention got the name hydrocycle. To move forward, riders use a crank with pedals just as on a bicycle. The power the rider then puts into the pedals will be shifted to the water or the air via a propeller. For the bike to float on the water, pontoons or surfboards are used.
In 1914, a race was organized on Lake Enghien, north of Paris. The competitors took part with their homemade bicycles and tricycle contraptions with a variety of modifications
Images:  French National Library via EUROPEANA
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Weird Inventions from the Past, Part 2


An experimental flying bicycle (Photo by Easyart/PA Wire)

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Weird Inventions from the Past

Strange-inventions-7Face cover to protect from rain, snow etc.

A collection of weird and insane inventions from the past that range from phone-answering robots to photo-taking revolvers. Enjoy!

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