Daisugi – Ancient Japanese sustainable forestry technique allows for lumber production without cutting down trees

Originally invented by the people of the region of Kitayama, the method was used to solve the problem of shortage of seedlings. Daisugi is a Japanese forestry technique where specially planted cedar trees are pruned heavily. like giant bonsai, to produce “shoots” that become perfectly uniform, straight and completely knot free lumber. The shoots are carefully and gently pruned by hand every two years leaving only the top boughs, allowing them to grow straight. Harvesting takes 20 years and old “tree stock” can grow up to a hundred shoots at a time.

Photo: Wrath of Gnon

The Sculptural Rock Formations Of White Desert

White Desert National Park in Egypt, is the site of large white chalk rock formations, created through erosion by occasional sandstorm in the area. Some of them have developed nicknames over the years. The most famous are called “chicken and mushroom”, “camel” and “whale”, among other things. Arguably, the best way to experience the wonders of the White Desert is to camp overnight because these sculptural formations look most impressive at sunrise or sunset.

By Christine Schultz (Link

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