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Bulgarian street artist, Vanyu Krastev, attaches googly eyes on objects he comes across in urban areas. Those plastic eyes add life to everything they’re put on. The aim is to humanize streets and just make people smile.

More info: Eyebombing (h/t: diply)

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Adorable Cats and Dogs pictured mastering Yoga Positions


Photographer Dan Borris was walking down the street one day with a friend when she suggested that he photograph her doing yoga while her dog ran around making her crazy. Inspiration struck! Why bother with humans? Dogs should do yoga! It was in that moment that the idea of Yoga Dogs was born. After dogs were photographed, photos were digitally manipulated to recreate a variety of tricky yoga positions.  But from there, the concept took off and he began including cats too. Borris sells these photos in a calendar, with proceeds going to the animal shelters where he gets his models.

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Adorable Bento Boxes Inspired by Animals and Cartoon Characters


Mom Li Ming from Singapore prides herself on her Bento Monsters, the gorgeous boxed lunches she makes for her two school-age sons. Some of her creations include rice or bread versions of Spider Man, Minions and animal sushi such as pandas, cats, and pigs.

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The Real Wishes of Everyday Objects

Break-FreeBreak free

This project is for the silent objects in all of our lives, the things we use and leave in the background. Each picture starts with a simple question – what would you like to do today?
The power tower is tired of working day and night, and wants to break free from routine and obligation. The cameras need a vacation – maybe they’d like to be photographed for once!
When we take a moment to think of these things, the candles that light vigils for us and our friends, the hammers and nails, the grumpy pots, the glorious flowers, we see the life and color behind what we take for granted.


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