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Spite houses: How to annoy your neighbors

A spite house is a building constructed or modified to irritate neighbors or any party with land stakes. Spite houses may create obstructions, such as blocking out light or blocking access to neighboring buildings or can be just symbols of defiance. Because long-term occupation is at best a secondary consideration, spite houses frequently sport strange and impractical structures.
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Monilaria Obconica: A cute rabbit ears cactus plant

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Monilaria Obconica is a small clump-forming succulent plant. As it grows, it’s two smallish leafy branches start to resemble rabbit ears. The bunny ears are part of the growing process, eventually its leaves grow lengthier (and loose their bunny-like appearance) and turn purple in the sunshine with light rose flowers.
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Trees Grown into Furniture


Full Grown, headed by designer and artist Gavin Munro, uses ancient techniques combined with modern technology to  grow, graft, nurture and then harvest living trees into chairs, tables, sculpture – anything you can imagine.

In essence its an incredibly simple art. You start by training and pruning young tree branches as they grow over specially made formers. At certain points we then graft them together so that the object grows in to one solid piece…The whole process takes place over seasons and years – between 4 and 8 years to grow a chair – but when you look at how long and how much effort it takes us now to go from having no tree to the final wooden object, then you realise that the craft we’re a part of developing is not just more cooperative with the natural world; it has an elegant efficiency all of it own.

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Thousands of natural snowballs appear on beach in Siberia


Locals in the village of Nyda, in the Gulf of Ob, Siberia say they have never seen anything to compare to them. An 18km stretch of coast was covered in the giant snowballs. The icy spheres are entirely natural. Some are the size of tennis balls. Others almost as large as a basketball.

Spokesman for the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) Sergey Lisenkov said: ‘It is a rare natural phenomenon. When the water in the gulf rose, it came into contact with the frost. The beach began to be covered with ice. Then the water began to slowly retreat, and the ice remained. Its pieces were rolling over in the wet sand, and turned into these balls.’


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Optical Illusions In Nature

optical-illusions-in-nature-2Just off Mauritius’s coast appears this amazing waterfall illusion. The reason for the island’s famous waterfall illusion has to do with local sand and silt deposits that flow through the area and fluctuate the color of the water so that it appears like a waterfall.

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Living Fish Swimming Inside a Jellyfish


Ocean photographer Tim Samuel was freediving in Byron Bay, off the east coast of Australia, when he spotted a rarely seen scene. He captured pictures of a yellow fish stuck inside a translucent jellyfish and it’s totally mesmerizing.

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Green Sand Beaches


The green sand on the beach is composed primarily of olivine crystals which erode out of lava flows. The crystals are heavier than most sand types on the beach and remain behind when lighter sand grains are washed away by strong wave activity.

Green Sand in Kourou, French Guiana

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