An Arch Of Mist and Light – installation in Japan by James Tapscott

Land artist James Tapscott was commissioned by the Japan Alps Art Festival to create a site-specific art piece, which he named “ARC ZERO – NIMBUS”. Arc ZERO stands at the entrance to the Buddhist Temple Hotokizaki Kanon-ji. A ring of mist encircles the old bridge, which one must cross through to enter the site. A portal on the threshold of worlds, it represents the cycle of water, and all things in nature. By day the mist creates crepuscular rays and a rainbow effect around the view, while by night the mist is lit from within the structure, blazing a warm glow.
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Natura Insects – Insects made of Flowers

Stag Beetle

Natura Insects by designer Raku Inoue is an art series of flower arrangement of insects. Inoue arranges leaves and blooms to create the delicate components of beetles, butterflies, dragonflies and other insects.

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Folly architecture

In architecture, a folly is a building constructed primarily for decoration, but suggesting through its appearance some other purpose, or of such extravagant appearance that it transcends the range of garden ornaments usually associated with the class of buildings to which it belongs.
18th century English gardens and French landscape gardening often featured mock Roman temples, symbolizing classical virtues. Other 18th century garden follies represented Chinese temples, Egyptian pyramids, ruined abbeys, or Tatar tents, to represent different continents or historical eras.
info: Wikipedia

Broadway Tower, Worcestershire, England

By Saffron BlazeOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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Recycled Art – Whimsical animal sculptures by John V. Wilhelm

John V. Wilhelm is a prolific self-taught artist who works in acrylic, pencil, ink and scratchboard etchings, but most often in sculptures crafted from steel and stone. Cattle made from river rock, railroad spikes, railroad track, steel wire, and nuts.
As a native Arizonan, John’s artworks often depict the heritage, landscapes and animals of the region. These sculptures are frequently whimsical animal figures incorporating natural rock and rusty steel and are extremely durable as outdoor art. Thanks to the nature of the materials used, no two pieces are identical and every piece has a unique character which can rarely be duplicated. The techniques employed to build these pieces range from traditional blacksmith methods to modern welding practices.
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A fascinating golden bait trap

Russian artist Roman Booteen has created this Hobo nickel, which he titled “THE TRAP with GOLDEN BAIT.” A carved Morgan dollar, featuring a 1945 gold 2-peso coin from Mexico serving as “bait” in the middle. The coin also features a mouth of teeth that act as a trap jaw. The trap jaws are triggered when the gold coin is pressed.

Booteen sells his work on eBay. See more on Instagram.

Power-drill becomes a surprising stop-motion tool

Los Angeles-based artist Federico Tobon attached a reel of 24  hand-drawn pages depicting an abstract animal to the chuck of a drill, generating an endlessly spinning sequence of frames. As Tobon engaged the drill’s trigger, the bit rotated the pages 360° and animated the cycle of otherwise static drawings. (via)
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