Lake Powell – Blue waters and red rock vistas

Lake Powell is a man-made reservoir on the Colorado River in Utah and Arizona, United States. The Lake was created by the flooding of Glen Canyon by the Glen Canyon Dam, which also led to the 1972 creation of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, a popular summer destination of public land.  The lake also stretches up the Escalante River and San Juan River where they merge into the main Colorado River. This provides access to many natural geographic points of interest such as the Rainbow Bridge, the Hite Crossing Bridge, Cathedral in the Desert and San Juan goosenecks. The sparkling blue waters of Lake Powell are magnificently framed by towering rock formations and soaring red cliffs which surround the area for as far as the eye can see.


By CC0, Link


The lower end of Lake Powell, with the upper part of Glen Canyon Dam.High Contrast / CC BY 3.0 DE

Rainbow Bridge CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Aerial image of entrenched meanders of the San Juan River within Goosenecks State Park By USDA/FSA – USDA/FSA, Public Domain, Link

Hite Crossing Bridge By Link

By CC BY 2.0, Link

Davis Gulch By Sschmitzs, CC BY 3.0, Link

By CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

By CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

By CC0, Link

By CC0, Link

By CC0, Link

By CC BY-SA 2.0, Link


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