Þrídrangaviti – An Isolated Lighthouse in Iceland

Perched a top one of 4 rock pillars sticking out of the sea off Westman, around six miles from Iceland’s mainland, Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse is known as one of the loneliest lighthouses in the world. The remote lighthouse was built in 1938. At that time the only way to get to the top was climbing. Builders had to kneel down and stand on their back because there where nowhere to get a grip.
Nowadays, the lighthouse is accessible by helicopter and even features a small helipad.

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This is (possibly) one of the most incredible lighthouses in the world!! Þrídrangaviti (Thridrangar) was built during the Second World War and is around 90m tall. Before the project could even start, the workes had an extremely difficult task. The helicopter was not yet in practical use, meaning the only way to get to the top was climbing. A rumour has it that they hired some local climbers from westmannaeyar to do the job. We even heard a story that at one point, the climbers had to climb on top of eachother because there where nowhere to get a grip! . . Our plan was to climb the pillar, but we couldn't even get close to it because of the swells. The 5 hour sailingtrip was still worth every single second, since this is one of the best photos of the lighthouse! – Google it . . . Sailing with: @devoldofnorway @regattaofnorway . . #iceland #westmannaeyar #þrídrangaviti #thridrangar #þrídrangar #expedition #expeditionsailing #sailboat #sailorlife #sailor #bloggerlife #lighthouse #adventure #ocean #nature #threepillars #northatlantic #incredible #dronephotography #sailaway #visualoflife #lonelyplanet #planetearth #keepitwild #exploringtheglobe #traveltheworld #visit #travelbug #blueplanet #world

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