Salt water pools in Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Siwa Oasis is one of Egypt’s most isolated settlements with about 33,000 people. A vast area of Palm trees in the middle of the desert. The combination of low annual rainfall and high rates of evaporation in the oasis results in lakes characterized by hyper-salinity. Lakes, which are both healing and an important source of revenue for the residents of the oasis. Siwis traditionally utilize this salt in building homes and shaping their tools and also lamps, believed to produce healing energy with the heat of the light source. People started to excavate the lakes to get the salt creating round pools .The salt lakes in Egypt is considered to have healing properties for sinuses, skin and eyes, in addition to their relaxing experience.

Ahmed Emad Hamdy / CC BY-SA


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Located between the Qattara Depression and the Egyptian Sand Sea in the Western Desert, the isolated Siwa oasis is one of the most stunning creations on earth. The distinctive culture and magnificence of its nature and topography attract many tourists to this little paradise. The place offers great desert tours, craft shops, restaurants, and luxury hotels. But, floating in the salty lakes is definitely the cherry on the cake. Would you add this to your bucket list? Video Credits: @brendonohue ⠀ #egypt #siwaoasisegypt #siwaoasis #lake #travelphotography #exploremore #curlytales #travelinspiration #roamtheplanet #travelphotography #stayandwander #beautifuldestinations #travelmore #love #instagood #beautiful #happy #igdaily #igdailypic #photooftheday #like4like

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