Lake Waves Frozen in Time

Eric Gross, based in Colorado foces on all-season mountainous vistas and lakes. Photos shot at an elevation nearing 10,000 feet in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

My hope is to show things that are rarely seen and expand appreciation for the natural world through mesmerizing imagery.

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"Ice Wave" Caption: The psychedelic mountain reflections found on the frozen contours of Dream Lake in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park defy logic. Appearing as if wind-swept waters were frozen in time, these sleek wave-like curves are believed to result from melting snow re-freezing, then being carved and contoured by wind and snowdrift. This ground-level perspective provides a view that seems other-worldly, reflecting so strongly that one could be forgiven for thinking it's a lake of flowing liquid metal. This seems to be a rare or not-well documented phenomenon, or perhaps an extreme example, as very few photos of wavy frozen lakes can be found online, nearly all of them coming from Rocky Mountain National Park this season. #coloradotography #rockymountains #lake #winter #ice #waves #perspective #ourwild #mountains #rockymountainnationalpark #naturephotography #nature #naturalworld #estespark #nationalpark #explore #sunrise #nomadicnetwork #reflection #giveaway #contest #giveawaycontest #phenomenon #wonderful_places #viewcolorado #natgeoyourshot #yourshotphotographer #findyourpark #usinterior #nomadicnetwork

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