Optical Illusion Abstract Murals by Graffiti Artist Peeta

Peeta, also known as Manuel Di Rita, is a graffiti artist. In his pictorial, sculptural and mural compositions, the geometrical shapes act as they interact with the surrounding environment. When painting on walls, his aim is always to create a dialogue with the structural and cultural parameters of the surrounding context, either architectural or not.
In his own words:

Metaphorically, I want to neutralize preconceptions and urge the emergence of new perspectives. Anamorphism totally embodies the intent, always pivotal in my production, to reveal the deceptiveness of human perception, the fallacy of narrow and fixed points of view through visual tricks which, proceeding from the attempt to confer a three-dimensional semblance on a pictorial representation, ultimately reveal their will to deceive.

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Lisbon Portugal – for Muro Lumiar Festival curated by GAU @galeria_de_arte_urbana // I loved the challenge to paint on the ceiling on this classic all white anamorphic mural, I also loved to collaborate with NBC @naturalblackcolor , a great musician that created a song based on the design of this piece! If you’d like to listen to the song swipe the pictures to find the yellow sticker and follow the link, lyrics are in Portuguese but I enjoy it very much! /////////////////// Thanks a lot to the city of Lisbon and to all the people that worked really hard to make this possible! //////////// #peeta #urbanart #publicart #arteurbana #anamorphic #mural #anamorphicmural #3dmural #3dpainting #graffitisurrealism #acrylics #rollerpaint #brushpainting #lisbonmural #murolumiar

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