The Upside-Down Flower Towers in Glacier Gardens, Alaska

The Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventures  is a 5- hectare botanical garden and nursery located in Juneau, Alaska. The Bowhay’s begun Glacier Gardens as a way to express their botanical creativity through the use of the natural landscape. The garden consists mainly of a forest of firs and birches. You can also find species of resistant ornamental plants from other areas of the world with an Alaska-like climate, and native plant species.
Flower Towers are the signature features of the Gardens. Each Flower Tower is made by inverting a spruce or hemlock tree with the root ball pointing towards the sky. The tree is placed trunk first into the ground and buried 5-7 ft. Fish netting is placed inside the top of the root ball to collect soils, and mosses are laid down over the netting to provide nutrients and water base, forming a basket that cradles colorful trailing flowers.

De Wendy Cutler from Vancouver, Canada – 20090603_Juneau_Cutler_4988psUploaded by PDTillman, CC BY 2.0, Enlace

Photo credit: Wendy Cutler (CC BY 2.0)

Photo credit: John & Peggy Bromley (CC BY 2.0)


2 thoughts on “The Upside-Down Flower Towers in Glacier Gardens, Alaska

  1. Unbelievable what nature will do with the simple things in life. Amazing and so beautiful, I am awestruck by this simplicity of natures work. Thank you for such beautiful photos…❤️

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