10 Japanese product designs characterized by minimalist aesthetics, simplicity and elegance

Japan is one of the few countries that can balance age-old tradition with modernity in such a harmonious fashion. This is especially true in the field of aesthetics and design. Japanese aesthetics encompass a variety of ideals, some of these are traditional while others are modern and sometimes influenced by other cultures.

Flower vases that swing as petals fall.
Designer: Keisuke Fujiwara

Trick placemat appears to sunk under the weight of your tableware.
Designer: A.P.Works

Minimal aquarium with 3D printed flora inspired by undersea plant life.
Designer: Haruka Misawa

Bicycle-shaped bicycle stands, designed to solve the problem of randomly parked and bunched up bicycles on streets, sidewalks, and parking lots.
Designer: Yuma Kano

LED Mushroom Lights.
Designer: Yukio Takano

The Balloon Chair that seems to be suspended in mid-air.
Designer: Satoshi Itasaka of Studio h220430

Ripple Flower Vase allows you to stand a flower upright and float it in the water.
Designer: Taku Omura

Smiley face screws. 🙂
Designer: Yuma Kano

Bookmark Light combines the two into one.
Designer: Kyouei Design

WaterDream – a simple yet beautiful hybrid shower and lamp.
Designer: Oki Sato of Studio Nendo


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