Digital Collages by Catrin Welz-Stein

Graphic designer Catrin Welz-Stein draws inspiration from fantasy, children stories, medieval, Jugendstil, folklore and surrealism. Welz-Stein collects old images and illustrations and put them together in Photoshop to create her digital collages. The working process is based on combining and the division of photographs, with removing, filling and retouch.

digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-2

digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-1

digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein

digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-5

digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-4

digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-9

digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-7

digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-8

digital-collages- Catrin-Welz-Stein-10




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