Matteo Mauro – Digital engravings rejuvenate great images of past aesthetics

Matteo Mauro’s works include techniques of digital engraving which produces paintings of fictional impressionist landscapes and traced and abstracted ‘capriccios’ prints.

Micromegalic Inscriptions are computational engravings of traced and abstracted capriccios. These digital creations, which lie in the realm of Generative Art, do not just reinterpret the mechanical processes of traditional engraving, but being reproducible infinite times and anywhere, exemplify the evolution of mass production practices and the inevitable symbiosis between the man and the machine. Thus, morphogenic spontaneity and mathematical constraints are processed by a software, to create new metaphors to enrich traditional paradigms.

Below a series of artworks that reinterpret Wilhelm Kolbe’s etching “I too was in Arcadia”.

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