Crescent Lake – an oasis in the Gobi desert

About 6 kilometers south of Dunhuang city in China, and surrounded by the Echoing-Sand Mountain, Crescent Lake can be called a natural wonder in the Gobi Desert. Actually, it resembles a crescent fallen down into the desert. Crescent Lake sits on the edge of an ancient city that once saw traders embark on their journey along the Silk Road to the West. Since the 1960’s the depth of the lake continually declined, but in 2006 the local government with help of the central government started to fill the lake and restore its depth. Its depth and size have been growing yearly since then.

Photo by mdetay

Photo by Richard Towell

Photo by black_lava

Photo by eviltomthai

Photo by Sigismund von Dobschutz

Photo by Alex Kwok

Photo by Richard Towell

Photo by FeverZ

Photo by Richard Towell





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10 thoughts on “Crescent Lake – an oasis in the Gobi desert”

  1. Amazing…I’m with Cindy. The thing is…how do they stop the sand from covering it? Dunes move. Sand storms??? Seems as if it should be buried now and then. It’s beautiful

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