Creative chair designs

Chair design-1Bomb chair (source)

Chair design-2Coffee Chair designed by Sunhan Kwon

Chair design-3

Chair design-4Hybrid chairs designed by Merve Kahraman

Chair design-6The Bloom Chair designed by Kenneth Cobonpue

Chair design-7The octopus chair designed by Max Riera

Chair design-8Hollow Chair created by Straight Line Designs, Inc

Chair design-9Wine chair (source)

Chair design-10Mosquito armchair by Wild design

Chair design-11Customized Panton chair by Jump Studios

Chair design-12Peacock Chair by New York studio Dror for Italian furniture brand Cappellini

Chair design-13Pink Chair designed by Vladimir Tsesler





11 thoughts on “Creative chair designs

  1. I went down the list… that’s my favorite…no wait… this is my favorite. But you got me with the top spiked chair. I love your site. It lways gives me ideas in poetry or anything remotely associated.

  2. Magnifiques créations mais je n’aime pas la “Bomb chair” que je trouve plutôt repoussante qu’accueillante pour prendre le café… 🙂

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