Taxidermy-Based Suspended Installations by Claire Morgan

Claire_Morgan__A_Part_at_the_SeamA Part at the Seam – taxidermy Jackdaw, thistle seeds, torn black polythene, lead, nylon, acrylic

Visual artist Claire Morgan, has a strong interest in the organic, in natural processes, and in the bodily connotations of natural materials.  Morgan uses common materials like lead, nylon, acrylic, she also spends countless hours arranging thousands of pieces of everything from dandelion seeds, leaves and fruits to organic materials including animal taxidermy and fruit flies.

“My work is about change and the passing of time, and the transience of everything around us,”  “For me, creating seemingly solid structures or forms from thousands of individually suspended elements has a direct relation with my experience of these forces. There is a sense of fragility and a lack of solidity that carries through all the sculptures. I feel as if they are somewhere between movement and stillness, and thus in possession of a certain energy.”

Claire_Morgan__Foreign_BodyForeign Body – taxidermy art, brown hare, fruit flies, hanging art

Claire_Morgan__Fall_OutFall Out – canaries (3, taxidermy), ginkgo leaves, nylon, lead, acrylic

Claire_Morgan__openingOpening – dandelion seeds, chaffinch (taxidermy), nylon, in glass cabinet

Claire_Morgan__Internal_BleedingInternal Bleeding – dandelions and bluebottles nylon in glass cabinet

Claire_Morgan__Tidy_BushTidy Bush – privet leaves, greenfinch (taxidermy), nylon, in glass cabinet

Claire_Morgan__Tracing_TimeTracing Time – dandelion seeds, nylon threads, a taxidermied wren, dead leaves, lead

Claire_Morgan__fluidFluid – strawberries, taxidermied crow, fishing hooks, nylon

Claire_Morgan__Silver_LiningSilver Lining – taxidermy Barn Owl and Rat, thistle seeds, dandelion seeds, lead, nylon, acrylic

Claire_Morgan__While_You_Were_SleepingWhile You Were Sleeping – taxidermy Red Squirrel, bluebottle flies, lead weights, nylon, acrylic


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