Trippy Architecture

National Museum of the American Indian

Tripp-architecture-1image source


Kiral Apartments in Mexico / Arqmov Workshop

Kinetics and Op Art inspired the project, transmitting an optic illusion of movement that requires and captures an active attention from the viewer.

Tripp-architecture-2Photo: Rafael Gamo


Sinking House in France

Tripp-architecture-8photo: Michael S. Schwarzer


Illusionary house in Dalston, East London

Created by Leandro Erlich, the work has the facade of a Victorian terraced house reflected in a huge mirror. By sitting, standing or lying on the horizontal surface, visitors appear to be scaling or hanging off the side of the building.



The 3D Lichtenstein House

Optical Illusion plays with your eyes through an altered perception. What appears to be a normal house is actually made of three concave angles that appear to be coming out wards.



The café wall illusion

Building in Melbourne, Australia designed to exhibit this illusion.



One Wall House, Odessa, Ukraine



Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi, UAE



Melting House, Paris, France

Tripp-architecture-3Image source


Cube Houses, Netherlands

Tripp-architecture-11Photo: Andrea de Poda


Wonderworks, Orlando, Florida

The Wonderworks building is designed by architect Terry Nicholson and is his image of what it would look like if a building was picked up in a storm and dropped, upside down, on another building.


Mirror Houses – Peter Pichler Architecture



Krzywy Domek – Little crooked house in Poland

Tripp-architecture-13image source

Cayan Tower, known as Infinity Tower in Dubai, UAE



Vortex House

Tripp-architecture-17Photo: Michael Cote

Mana Nalu Mural Project



The Twisted House in the Indianapolis Arts Center by John McNaughton

Tripp-architecture-18Photo: Serge Melki



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  1. Molto speciali, e graditissime, queste belle immagini
    Buon mercoledì eun saluto,silvia

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