Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison: Precipice

Robert-Shana-Parkeharrison-1Logic of Spring

Creating a genre unique within the photo world, Robert and Shana Parkeharrison construct fantasies in the guise of environmental performances for their Everyman – a man dressed in a black suit and starched white shirt – who interacts with the earth’s landscape. In their most well-known works, the artists built oversized objects to perform improbable acts.

Rich colors and surrealistic imagery merge to reveal the poetic roots of the works on display.  The use of color is intentional but abstract; proportion and space are compositional rather than natural; movement is blurred; objects and people juxtaposed as if by chance in a visual improvisation that unfolds choreographically.

The ParkeHarrison’s exhibition Precipice runs through March-April 2016 at Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago.







Robert-Shana-Parkeharrison-8First of May

Robert-Shana-Parkeharrison-9Nature Morte


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