The Red Beach in China

panjin-red-beach-china-1image credit

Red Beach, located in Dawa County, Panjin, China, is famous for its landscape featuring the red plant of Suaeda salsa. It is based in the biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world. The landscape is composed of shallow seas and tide-lands. The sea weed growth cycle starts in April when it is coloured light red, but in Autumn it turns to flaming red, and the beach looks as if it was covered by an infinite red carpet.

panjin-red-beach-china-2image credit

panjin-red-beach-china-3image credit

panjin-red-beach-china-6image credit

panjin-red-beach-china-10image credit

panjin-red-beach-china-8image credit

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panjin-red-beach-china-11image credit

panjin-red-beach-china-12image credit


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