Optical Illusion Paintings by Rob Gonsalves


Although Rob Gonsalves‘s work is often categorized as surrealistic, it differs due to the fact that the images are deliberately planned and result from conscious thought. Ideas are largely generated by the external world and involve recognizable human activities, using carefully planned illusionist devices. Gonsalves injects a sense of magic into realistic scenes. As a result, the term “Magic Realism” describes his work accurately.


14 thoughts on “Optical Illusion Paintings by Rob Gonsalves

  1. inesephoto

    Absolutely enjoyed your post. I have visited Optical Illusion Museum in Edinburgh – it was magic. Sunset Sail was one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing!

  2. poppytump

    Perception of the world turned on its head . Amazing work … I keep looking …. and looking 🙂


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