The Ubari lakes

By Jürgen Büttner (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Ubari Lakes are a group of about 20 lakes, set amidst magnificent sand dunes and palm fringed oases in the Fezzan region of southwestern Libya. The lakes were once one big lake but climate change caused the region, a part of Sahara, to gradually dry up between 3,000 to 5,000 years ago. The water is super-saturated with salts and carbonates, as lakes are being continuously evaporated and have no rivers replenishing them.

ubari-lakes-libya-2Photo credit

ubari-lakes-libya-5Photo credit

By Sfivat – Own work, Public Domain, Link




20 thoughts on “The Ubari lakes

  1. Wow. The desert never ceases to amaze. What an amazing find. I can only imagine stumbling across this after wandering in the heat of the sun and how refreshing it would be.

  2. On the bottom of the photo by George Steinmetz, it looks, on the left, like the marks of a huge fight, and to the right is the trail of a body that had been drug away!

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