Most Bizarre Creatures on Earth

With researchers discovering new animals every day it can be nearly impossible to keep up with all the wonderfully weird animals on earth. Here’s a look at some strange creatures you may have never seen before.


Yeti-crabYeti crab

waterbear-tardigradeWaterbear (Tardigrade)

Theridion-grallator-the-happy-faced-spiderTheridion grallator – the happy faced spider

The-Mexican-walking-fishThe mexican walking fish

Snub Nosed MonkeySnub nosed monkey

Satanic-Leaf-Tailed-GeckoSatanic leaf-tailed gecko

Red-Lipped-BatfishRed-lipped batfish

Purple-frogsPurple frog

Promachoteuthis-sulcusPromachoteuthis sulcus

Pink-fairy-armadilloPink fairy armadillo

Nembrotha-cristataNembrotha cristata

ndian-Bull-FrogIndian bullfrog

King-of-Saxony-bird-of-paradiseKing of Saxony, bird of paradise

Glass-frogsGlass frog

Blue-footed-boobyBlue-footed booby

Amber-phantom-butterflyAmber phantom butterfly

Ed-cap-goldfishEd cap goldfish


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16 thoughts on “Most Bizarre Creatures on Earth”

  1. Bizarre, unique and beautiful. A great photo set. May I add that I am missing the like button. I don´t “like” to click via the WP Reader and prefer to come over on the original page. But my comment says I like it very much.
    All the best

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