Surreal Photography by Ilya Kisaradov

Ilya Kisaradov2

A selection of surrealist and expressive photographs by Russian photographer Ilya Kisaradov (aka ezorenier). The photographer’s subjects, mostly women , are shot in open air while the image of the birdcage appears a few times, possibly symbolizing imprisonment. The whole collection is all about breaking free of confinement and no longer being silenced.

Ilya Kisaradov1

Ilya Kisaradov4

Ilya Kisaradov

Ilya Kisaradov5

Ilya Kisaradov3

Ilya Kisaradov6

Ilya Kisaradov9

Ilya Kisaradov7



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19 thoughts on “Surreal Photography by Ilya Kisaradov”

  1. I absolutely adore this grouping. The birdcage ones with the woman, in her attempt to break free, no longer be caged is so representative of my journey within my marriage to a narcissistic husband. It used to be about finding an OK space within the cage however after discovering his affair/s and trying to heal (only superficially on his part). Leaves me wanting to actually break free from his cage and fly away, to live my life. I’m going to put a link so others may see this wonderfully expressive collection. Thanks! chely

  2. Thanks for blogging these photos they are really interesting and most unusual, thanks for following and liking my blog and writing, best wishes Charles.

  3. incredibly strange and incredibly beautiful
    There’s such a dark, desperate poetry in this images, each one seem to be taken in the rabbit’s hole from Alice, each one representing the fight and the aspiration for holy

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