Creative Packaging Design I


People often say don’t judge a book by its cover, but in sales the first impression created by the packaging of a product, sometimes it’s all it takes for us to want it.  A packing design can be bizarre, cool, creative or unusual – overall it should be different.

Milk-CartonCreative Milk Carton concept  (design:Visual Advice)

Quick-Fruit-Packaging-ConceptQuick Fruit Packaging concept  (designer:Marcel Buerkle)

Pop-Up-PopcornPop-Up Popcorn  (designer: Anni Nykänen)

Hanger-Tea-BoxHanger Tea Box  (designer:Soon Mo Kang)

Birdy-JuiceBirdy Juice  (designer:Mats Ottdal, Jeksel™)

NYC-SpaghettiNYC Spaghetti (designer:Alex Creamer)

Naked-BeerNaked Beer  (designer:Timur Salikhov)

noteNoté earphones

coca-cola-cupsCoca Cola cups

butter-spoonButter Spoon  (designer:Yeongkeun Jeong)

spine4Spine Vodka  (designer:Johannes Schulz)

Rellana-WoolRellana Wool  (design: Ogilvy Deutschland)


26 thoughts on “Creative Packaging Design I

  1. I loved the anti-theft bread bag! What a novel idea! All of them are fantastic. I’ve had one of those coca cola cups before and thought, wow I simply want to keep this cup (but sadly, I didn’t lol). Another fantastic post from you, thankyou!!

  2. I love these ideas! The absolute opposite of boring and most of them an enrichment for the eyes. The Anti-Theft Lunch Bag is btw the perfect solution for a shared fridge… *lol*

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