Weird Inventions from the Past

Strange-inventions-7Face cover to protect from rain, snow etc.

A collection of weird and insane inventions from the past that range from phone-answering robots to photo-taking revolvers. Enjoy!

Strange-inventionsSuspended Baby Cage

Strange-inventions-1Anti-tire puncture brooms

Strange-inventions-2One wheel motorcycle

Strange-inventions-3Hubbard Electrometer to measure pain felt by fruit and vegetables

Strange-inventions-4A brush that shines your scalp and brushes your hairy sides

Strange-inventions-18Phone-Answering Robot

Strange-inventions-5Baby suspender

Strange-inventions-6Wooden bathing suits

Strange-inventions-8Revolver camera (takes a photo when you fire the gun)

Strange-inventions-9Pedestrian safety net

Strange-inventions-10Rainy Day Cigarette Holder

Strange-inventions-11Illuminated Tires

Strange-inventions-12TV glasses

Strange-inventions-13Dog Restrainer

Strange-inventions-15Venetian Sunglasses

Strange-inventions-16Amphibious bicycle

Strange-inventions-17A ‘mew’ machine to scare off the mice

Strange-inventions-19Glasses that let you read while lying down

Strange-inventions-14The Family Bicycle (with sewing machine)


67 thoughts on “Weird Inventions from the Past

  1. Actually, I remember the glasses for reading while lying down from 1976, when I had spinal surgery as a teenager and had to be flat on my back for several weeks. They had prisms in them. I was so grateful to be able to read during my long recuperation!

  2. As a pedestrian who has come close to being killed on many occasions I wish every car came with that safety net!

  3. The girl on the far left in the barrel (wooden) bathing suit: pulling. it. off.
    Girl with the shutter blinds sunglasses: hipster before hipster was cool. So hip.
    These pictures were awesome – they made me laugh, they made me cry, they changed my life. Thank you.

    1. Yes, that was part of his research. It was done at the Saint Hill Manor in England sometime in the 60’s. It is further covered in the best seller ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.

  4. O M G hahaha!! I almost had a heart attack when I saw the baby-cage :O I guess the ladies clear face mask was a great idea to go about in the rain without having your make-up run, but what about their hair? LOL what a fantastic collection of strange inventions!

  5. fantastic!! Doesn’t seem that iinventions for babies and animals got a fair shake at fun, though. Wonder if the kid in the cage is afraid of heights and small places at the same time, now. Probably died of excesssive anxieity.. This is really cool. Thanks.

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