Abandoned Houses

A collection of eerie abandoned buildings that have not lost their charm.

Abandoned House-4Detroit (image credit: Kevin Bauman)

The Inn at RodantheThe inn at Rodanthe, U.S

Abandoned House(image credit: Shane Gorski)

abandoned-placesChesapeake Bay, U.S (image credit: baldeaglebluff)

Abandoned House-1The old farmhouse on Monmouth Battlefield by b k

Abandoned House-2(image credit: Michael Glasgow)

Abandoned House-5Detroit (image credit: Kevin Bauman)

Abandoned House-3(image credit: Trevor Cameron)

haunted-house-1Normandy, France by Sonja Caldwell

abandoned_house2Kosse, Texas (image credit: Big Grey Mare)

haunted-house(image credit: Becky Ball)





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19 thoughts on “Abandoned Houses”

  1. As a previous queen anne victorian owner, I can tell you why these places are abandoned: they’re IMPOSSIBLE to afford! OMG, the heating and maintenance bills are something you’d never believe until you find yourself trying to keep up with them!
    Great pics though, all around!

  2. if i had money i would buy both the house in the top picture and the house in the bottom picture both are gorgeous and i would live in them without delay thank you for sharing have a lovely holiday !

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