At the Zoo, Dreaming of Home


The captive primates in Anne Berry‘s photographs don’t look too happy, but she’s not advocating against zoos.

“I think zoos are doing a better and better job of keeping animals and replicating habitats that don’t exist in the wild anymore,” Berry said. “It’s not the best that you’d like, but it’s keeping species alive.”

Berry grew up riding and training horses and has always loved animals, but doing the series made her more attuned to issues of animal welfare. “My photographs are about the beauty of animals but, more importantly, about their plight. The pictorial quality of these images softens the shock, but the punch is there in the eyes and melancholy expressions of the animals,” she wrote in a statement on her website.
Berry is currently looking to publish a book of the photos in the series. She intends to donate the proceeds to a nonprofit dedicated to helping primates in the wild.









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15 thoughts on “At the Zoo, Dreaming of Home”

  1. Oh my, this is making me very sad. Such beautiful faces, but yet so sad! Oh, it does depress me to think of the primates who have lived and suffered in captivity (and for our testing). Arran and John’s comment are nice. I just don’t like the stress, worry and sadness – it should touch everyone.


  2. Incredible images, as always eMorphes, The way the apes and monkeys have been printed, in these old-school silver-bromide style hand-printed images, makes them even more like portraits of people I think, , or at least gives them an element of melencholy and even more fellow, human feeling, to what are creature already in some ways very like ourselves.

    Anyway, stunning as always. Don’t know how you find them, but keep up the great work!
    🙂 Arran.

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