Incredible Underwater Ice Bubbles Trapped in Canada Lake


The rare phenomenon occurs each winter in the man-made lake, Abraham Lake, located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.  Bubbles are created as the plants on the lake bed release methane gas, which freezes as it comes closer to the cold lake surface.  That is, until spring comes and the ice starts to thaw.

Photos by Chip Phillips/Rex Features.




Images of the ice on the lake cracking, forming amazing patterns.






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30 thoughts on “Incredible Underwater Ice Bubbles Trapped in Canada Lake”

  1. Just awesome and incredible. This bubble trapped in the lake seems like fake and draw by someone. The nature shows us just his greatness, i think. Thank you for sharing this pictures. Bye.

  2. I would never have believed that methane gas could create such beauty, yet the world is often showered with wonderful surprises… Thanks for sharing with us!

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