Dead Flies Art by Magnus Muhr


Swedish photographer Magnus Muhr using the found bodies of dead flies, arranges them on a blank piece of paper and draws them into everyday situations that make fun of humans.
The original idea sparked when Muhr was bored at a party, went for a walk, and found a dead fly on the ground. When he got home he arranged a few dead insects and started drawing them in humorous situations.












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39 thoughts on “Dead Flies Art by Magnus Muhr”

  1. Reblogged this on Time Machine and commented:
    While practicing Buddhists may not find these set of images funny, you’ve got to admit, they do make you smile. Muhr cleverly brings to life something that seemed, at first glance, dead. Ideas are everywhere if you look hard enough. Maybe they are even buzzing around your head right now trying to get your attention.

  2. Reblogged this on Diary Incarnate and commented:
    and now for a little something you might not have expected… you just can’t kill creativity! and may this be a lesson that you don’t need shit from a store to make something. All you need is a pencil and window sills that haven’t been cleaned for a while. I think I can add a couple spiders to the mix.

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