9 thoughts on “Photographing Trees From Below

  1. Danielle

    I have done a similar photography project but hadn’t thought to turn them black and white! These shots are really effective! Thanks for sharing his work 🙂

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  3. melindasordino47

    Reblogged this on melindasordino47 and commented:
    In art class, we each picked out a piece of paper from a broken globe. The pieces of paper each have a name of a random thing written on them, and we’re suppose to spend the year trying to “turn that object into a piece of art”, according to my teacher. My object is a tree. I’m terrible at drawing trees. I guess I need to do some research. This is a good start.

  4. loralorapa

    Beautiful 🙂

    J’aime mes arbres, ils représentent les poumons de la Terre 🙂 Grands, majestueux, je respecte leur beauté, leur ancienneté, leur éternité 🙂


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