Vintage Photos of Animals Acting Like People


A funny collection of vintage photos of animals acting like people.
(All photos courtesy of Getty Images)
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Vintage-Photos-of-Animals-Acting-Like-People-1September 1933: A cat hangs a row of tame rats on the washing line to dry.

Vintage-Photos-of-Animals-Acting-Like-People-31933: A cat and a bulldog in a toy car.

Vintage-Photos-of-Animals-Acting-Like-People-5April 1932: Feline film star “Tibby” rests on the knee of Abraham Sofaer, leading man in her film for British Lion at Beaconsfield, The Flying Squad, while make-up man Gerald Fairbank trims her whiskers for the camera.

Vintage-Photos-of-Animals-Acting-Like-People-2February 1933: A lamb and a cat playing draughts, watched over by a bantam, at Langford, Somerset

Vintage-Photos-of-Animals-Acting-Like-People-6June 1956: Members of the Malayan Police Band Bachan Singh and Abdul Rahman, due to appear at the Royal Tournament, visit London Zoo and make friends with Anabella the Orang-Outang.

Vintage-Photos-of-Animals-Acting-Like-People1956: “Carrots” the rabbit fires table tennis balls from a toy cannon.

Vintage-Photos-of-Animals-Acting-Like-People-7January 1938: A piglet which is being treated by the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Animals) in Ilford with a sun ray lamp, to cure a skin ailment.

Vintage-Photos-of-Animals-Acting-Like-People-81955: A woman teaching her kangaroo to type.

Vintage-Photos-of-Animals-Acting-Like-People-91980: Arthur, the cat food commercial cat, is wined and dined at a fancy restaurant.


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