The Tree Project by Zonenkinder

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-7

“The Tree Project” is an ongoing art project since 2006 inspired by the beauty and the decay of nature and created by German artists duo Zonenkinder.

By painting eyes, faces and grimaces on the trees, by ornamenting and dressing them we emphasize our close and unique connection with nature. Thereby reflecting that trees are exceptional and beautiful living individuals. This stands in contrast to the often destructive and indifferent interaction with the environment of mankind. Please note that we take environmental issues serious: for all tree-paintings shown here we use natural and biodegradable colors that will fade away after a while.

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-1

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-2

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-3

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-4

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-5

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-6

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-8

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-9

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-10

The Tree Project _Zonenkinder-11


15 thoughts on “The Tree Project by Zonenkinder

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  5. nicolemacdonaldartist

    These are simply superb. I agree with meghan lh bundtzen…. would be like coming across a magical forrest if you stumbled across them on a hike. Zonenkinder’s project certainly relays the ideas of nature being beautiful and and ever-changing and magical! I am also grateful that you shared with us!

  6. meghan lh bundtzen

    I love how subtle they are! It would definitely be a treat to come upon while on a hike. This drawing is a more delicate way to call attention back to nature than say, yarnbombing trees, and I am grateful you shared it with us!


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