Metal Sculptures by Peter McFarlane

Sculptures-Peter McFarlane7

Canadian contemporary artist Peter McFarlane is a conceptually based sculptor, mixed media and installation artist, known for his sculptures of trash and recycled items. Of his work McFarlane says:

To me, waste is just lack of imagination. This belief carries beyond the boundaries of my art production and permeates most aspects of my life. Most of my home and studio, and much of everything in them, is recycled. I’ve always had an epic imagination along with a driving desire to make things. Thus, used objects have pared my options down to a workable, manageable level. No object is beyond artistic merit, meaning and metaphor.

Sculptures-Peter McFarlane8

Sculptures-Peter McFarlane2

Sculptures-Peter McFarlane9

Sculptures-Peter McFarlane3

Sculptures-Peter McFarlane5

Sculptures-Peter McFarlane10

Sculptures-Peter McFarlane6

Sculptures-Peter McFarlane11


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12 thoughts on “Metal Sculptures by Peter McFarlane”

  1. References to North-West coast art expands the imagery beyond the clever, bringing in notions of time, culture, longevity, comparison, supercedence. Potlach (?spelling) as conspicuous consumption was a cultural unifier ( and/or power play). Our conspicuous consumption, a wasting disease only. Spirits of dead objects honoured, revivified. Or maybe that’s just me……?

  2. Wonderful creativity. Your shoe stole my heart, and then I became fascinated with your circuit boards. I’m neither artist not tekkie, but I admit wasting an inordinate amount of time in electronic shops. My husband is an engineer and introduced me to that world. Now that I see your art….it’s yet another dimension! Yay!

  3. the tiny, heroic guy, pushing over the row of circular blade saw pieces, is great. Also especially like the fish, on its nice green circuit board. Strangely apt, somehow. Don’t ask how, just feels right. 🙂

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