Photography: Blue

Photo Credit : Heidi Westum

San Francisco Bay Bridge by Stephen Oachs

Photo Credit : Kent Shiraishi

Image source

The Blue Hour by skarpi

Blue Hour Mont St Michel

Blue Hour at Seacliff by Jay Tankerslay

Ulun Temple at blue hour Bali

Image source

An Evening Stroll Around the Cabin by Stuck in Customs

Image credit: Toby Keller

Winter Panorama by lambertwm

Spirits in the night by Garry

Bonsai twilight


Twilight at the Pier

Positive Lightning by Kara Swanson

Fisherman on the Li River

Image source


Image source


7 thoughts on “Photography: Blue

  1. Delft

    I love blue and each individual photo looks great. Looking at them together makes me me mourn the freshness we’ve lost to HDR and other digital tools. Somehow they’re all a little too brilliant, too perfect, a touch over-edited and that makes them a bit… flat?


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