Amazing Sand Sculptures

Sand Sculpture Backdrop by JOOheng Tan

Dragon Dwellers – Amazin’ Walter and William Lloyds entry in the Tournament of Sand Sculpting Champions at Harrison Hot Springs, British Colombia, Canada. (Photo  by © Amazin Walter)

“Into the Past” , British Columbia World Championship Sand Sculpting Competition. (Photo  by © Amazin Walter)

Sandy Coliseum. Festival of Sculpture Sondervinge, Denmark, 2011

Sand Sculpture Backdrop by JOOheng Tan

From sand castles competition in Oregon

Buzzy the Clown Sand Sculpture from the International Championship held in October 2010 in Federal Way, Washington. (Photo by © Robert Bowman)

Windmills of Kinderdijk and sand sculpture

Monk… a light dawns – sand sculpture by Amazin’ Walter and William Lloyd for the Sandfest Competition at Port Aransas, Texas. (Photo  by © Amazin Walter)

Leonardo Da Vinci

“Lair of the Spider Queen” carved by Baldrick Buckle (Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

Sand sculpture from the World Championship of Sand Sculpting that took place in Federal Way, Washington

Under Pressure Sand Sculpture by Bert Adams at Sand in the City in Port Aransas, Texas

The Mechanical Mind Sand Sculpture, from the International Sand Sculpture championships in Federal Way, Washington (Photo  by © Robert Bowman)

Sand Sculpture Festival in Frankfurt, Germany

Japanese Sand Sculpture Festival 2011


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